Sam Comen

Sam’s portraits reveal honest, open, and playful moments with his subjects, telling their most authentic stories, and creating a strong empathetic connection to the viewer. He puts it like this: “My goal is to portray every subject with honor and dignity, casting them as each as an icon worthy of a viewers’ reverence and sympathetic gaze.” He approaches his work as a journalist, using subjects’ personal environments to frame them, telling their stories with rich, visually striking pictures. Practiced in both advertising projects with large teams, and small, self-produced documentary essays, he works quickly with subjects, creatives, and his team to create levity, connection, and trust. Sam has been commissioned to shoot luminaries from the worlds of entertainment, science, art, and business for many national publications, as well as for numerous advertising clients. His documentary work is collected by Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and is currently on display in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.