Fredrik Clement

Fredrik Clement (born 1972) focuses on sports, people, outdoor and reportage photography. For the last ten years he has travelled extensively, shooting stills and film for editorial and advertising clients worldwide. He also finds the time to work on personal projects. He is based in Klitmøller, Denmark where he lives with his wife and their two children. For Fredrik, sports and photography are parallel beings. His fascination with the world of sports, and how athletes keep striving for perfection, is mirrored in his own perfectionist approach, as well as in the attention to detail in his photography. During 2016-2017 Fredrik Clement worked pro bono with Street Football World and UEFA Foundation visiting refugee camps in Germany, Ireland and Greece. In the camps, football gives the refugees a break from a difficult reality and an uncertain future. “Meeting these men, women and children whose lives have changed dramatically, is something I will never forget. I hope that my images will help tell their stories,” says Fredrik.